Stinky Story

Stinkybomb Soap turns iconic shapes into ironic soap. Our customers bring the stink--we bring the soap. Our full line of soaps currently includes life-sized hand grenades, vintage cassettes, baby doll heads and US states. While our company name turns heads, our products' vivid colors, iconic shapes, and rich scents seal the deal. 

Rob is a model-maker for an industrial design firm and fills his free time as a WWII reenactor. He combined his personal passion and professional skill to create resin replicas of period bayonets and hand grenades. While staying home with our daughter I borrowed one of grenade molds and cast my first bar of hand grenade soap. The rest is Stinkybomb history. Rob continues to play a part in the company by creating new molds, while I handle the administration, production, and marketing of Stinkybomb.

We have a strong brand and vision for Stinkybomb. Soaps are made in small batches. Every bar comes in a gift box, which is hand stamped and comes ready to give and receive. Over the years, we have satisfied the soapy needs of thousands of stinky customers. We also believe in giving back, so we are proud to donate a portion of every hand grenade soap sale to assist injured veterans. 

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